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Blake Wagner Pletts

Founder & Creative Director

Blake has approached interior design with a completely client-focused approach. This, along with her unique, personal designs, are just some of the many reasons why she is such a popular designer with satisfied clients across Texas.

Combining her passion for great design, fashion, art and architecture, she has developed a reputation for creating beautiful yet functional spaces.

Contact BP Design Group today to learn how we can work to transform your space into your dream interior.

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Julie McClain


Julie’s thoughtful, unique approach to design incorporates each client’s individual taste and personal style. Her beautifully composed rooms are both welcoming and visually delightful, creating a warm, natural and effortlessly sophisticated look.

Born and raised in Texas, but So. CAL inspired for the past 9 years, Julie’s love of fashion, art and travel highlight her designs. Her special touches transform blank spaces into real homes, creating a space that is both beautiful and an expression of the client. 

Adept with a diverse range of styles, Julie is fast becoming one of the most sought after designers in Texas.

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